Tax Policy Scholarship Competition 2024

The Tax Policy Scholarship competition is designed to support the continuation of leading tax policy research and thinking in New Zealand and to inspire future tax policy leaders.


The 2024 competition is run by the Tax Policy Charitable Trust. You can download the winning entries from the four previous competitions here.


The winning entry will receive a $10,000 cash prize. The runner-up will receive $4,000 and the remaining two finalists will receive $1,000 each. The total prize pool is $16,000.


The competition is open to young professionals (ages 35 and under on 1 January 2024) working in New Zealand and having an interest in tax policy.

Guidelines for 2024 Competition


Entries should propose significant reform of the New Zealand tax system or analyse the potential unintended consequences from existing laws and changes to address them.

Submissions have now closed. Finalists will be announced on 4 July.

  • The Selection Panel will be looking for creative ideas, original thinking and sound and reasoned research and analysis.

    In addition to the above broad criteria, proposals will be judged by reference to all or some of the following criteria –

    • Impact on the New Zealand economy, including GDP and business growth.
    • Social (including distributional equity) and environmental acceptability.
    • Feasibility of introduction, including political and public acceptability.
    • Impact on simplicity of tax system.
    • Ease of administration by taxpayers and Inland Revenue, or other relevant government agencies, and impact on compliance costs.
    • Quality of written presentation.
    • For finalists, quality of oral presentation.

    Applicants should avoid repeating material e.g. in working group reports and consultative documents that is already available. However, additional analysis of such material, including contrary views if held, is encouraged but must be supported.

    1. A 1,500-word overview of your proposal is required by 5pm Friday 7 June 2024, via this form. The overview must enable the Selection Panel to understand your proposal, what it seeks to achieve, and to make an initial assessment of how it meets the judging criteria.
    2. Finalists will be announced at a function held on or around Thursday 4 July 2024.
    3. A 4,000-word final proposal will be required by 5pm Monday 16 September 2024.
    4. Finalists will be invited to present their proposals and to answer questions, at a function held on or around 22 October 2024. The winner and runner-up will be announced at this function.
  • The Selection Panel will be made up of senior professionals with tax policy experience. The panel is appointed by the Tax Policy Charitable Trust.

  • If you’re wanting to discuss your application, have questions about the process or would like some general guidance, please sign up for updates and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively if you have missed the sign up date or would like further information please email

  • You might be curious about previous winning proposals, so we’ve provided a link to these here. Our previous winners have gone on to achieve some wonderful things and make a real impact on tax policy in New Zealand and further afield! See Tax Policy Scholarship Alumni, here.